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Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are of course made of latex. Latex is porous due to small microscopic holes and therefore latex balloons do not hold helium for as long as foil balloons (mylar balloons).  Foil balloons tend to float for 4-21days, while latex balloons will float for only 8-24 hours.  However you can use a product called hi-float to extend the life of a latex balloon by 25 times the normal float time so in actual fact you can get a latex balloon to float longer than a foil balloon. Latex balloons come in sizes 5" to 3 feet and in a wide selection of colors and prints.  Latex balloons can also be printed on in multiple colors, but if you want a detailed design you really must go with mylar balloons.  Mylar balloons are typically printed in up to 8 colors. Helium may be used in all latex balloons 9" and larger.  Float times vary by size, with the smaller latex balloons floating for less time than the larger latex balloons.  Over time the helium escapes through the porous membrane of the latex balloon and the latex balloon will reduce in size and eventually fall to the ground.  Air also escapes through latex balloons, but at a lesser rate because the molecules are larger than helium molecules so if you blow up a balloon with air it will stay inflated for longer, but air will not make the latex balloon float.  On the other hand air escapes extremely slowly through the membrane of a mylar balloon.  Mylar balloons filled with air will stay inflated for years or decades or longer, but of course if filled with air then the balloons will not float. 

Where does latex come from?

Latex comes from rubber trees which are found in the rain forests of several countries.  The world's largest producer of natural latex is Malaysia.  Harvesting of latex is similar to the harvesting of of maple syrup.  It is done in a way that does not damage the tree.  Because rubber is a valuable resource purchasing latex balloons actually helps benefit the preservation of the rain forests.  The value of the rubber trees discourages people from cutting them down.  In the correct conditions latex balloons biodegrade quickly decomposing as quickly as an oak leaf.  The manufacturing of latex balloons is largely automated. Qualatex, the largest balloon manufacturer in the world produces over 1 billion latex balloons per year, but there are many other latex balloon manufacturers.  However, there are wide differences in the quality of latex balloons so it takes some trial and error to find those that you might prefer.  We only sell quality latex balloons from quality manufacturers.  Our latex balloons can be used with hi-float which helps extend the float of latex balloons.  

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Gas Capacity of Latex Balloons

Common Sizes listed below.

5" Latex Balloons (not filled with helium) 0.06 Cubic Feet
9" Latex Helium Balloons 0.25 Cubic Feet
11" Latex Helium Balloons 0.50 Cubic Feet
17" Latex Helium Balloons 2 Cubic Foot
3 Foot (inflated to 2.5-3 foot) 8-15 Cubic Foot

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