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At Bargain Balloons we now offer over 11,000 wholesale balloons designs at prices that are always 20-60% off normal wholesale.

Wholesale mylar Balloons as low as $0.38 per balloon.

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Our 18" Mylar Balloons $0.65 Each or less

A wide selection of Jumbo Mylar Balloon Designs

We now accept School Purchase Orders through the online checkout.


wholesale mylar balloons at discount prices

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Press the link below to check out our new mylar balloon catalog version which includes a wide selection of mylar day balloons. In less than 20 pages you can see our entire catalog.  This will save you time when placing an order.

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Wholesale Balloons

Discount Wholesale Balloons

Bargain Balloons is in business to save you money on wholesale balloons.  Our wholesale balloons are always priced at 20-60% off normal wholesale.  Along with the mylar balloon and latex balloons designs we regularly sell we offer 100's and sometimes 1000's of special deals available only while supplies last.  No other wholesale balloon distributor offers the selection of balloons at discount prices that we offer.  We are continuously adding to our selection of wholesale balloons.  Whether you are starting a business or already have an established business we can help reduce your balloon buying costs by offering discount wholesale balloon prices.  

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We would love to hear from you.  Please email us at any questions, comments and/or special requests.  E-mails are answered throughout the day including weekends and holidays.

Wholesale Balloons for every occasion.

The three most popular seasonal decorating occasions are

(1) Wholesale Valentines Balloons
(2)Wholesale Halloween Balloons
(3)Wholesale Christmas Balloons

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Wholesale Mylar Balloons for Less. 

Discount balloons prices. 

Not cheap balloons. 

Our balloons are made by the better quality balloon manufactures such as CTI, Qualatex, Anagram, Betallic and Convergram.